James Gunn Reveals Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel Title


Even if the Guardians of the Galaxy can only come up with 12% of a plan, director James Gunn has revealed 100% of the Guardians sequel’s title. The film will be called…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Gunn, who has been hard at work on the film’s script, made the title official on his Twitter and Facebook pages after Marvel’s Kevin Feige let the title slip while discussing Ant-Man with Collider.

“Kevin Feige recently let the title slip while doing Ant-Man press, which I’m really happy about because God knows I’ve let more than one thing slip accidentally while chattering away on this FB page,” Gunn joked on his Facebook page.

The title is a riff…

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Here’s a First Look at the New Ghostbusters Uniforms from the Upcoming Reboot


With a star-studded cast including Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and even Chris Hemsworth, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is one of the most awaited films of 2016.

Fans recently got a glimpse of McKinnon, Wiig and McCarthy on set while shooting for the franchise’s next edition, which is set to release next July.

But they weren’t in the trademark Ghostbusters uniforms, which hadn’t yet seen the light of day until director Paul Feig obliged with this tweet on Monday.

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True Detective – season 2 premiere

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truedetectiveseason2Grazie al cielo proprio mentre tutte le serie tv dell’autunno volgono al termine, viene in nostro soccorso la seconda stagione di quella che, nel 2014, fu la serie più bella dell’anno: True Detective. Altro giro, altra storia. True Detective, infatti, è una serie tv antologica, il che significa che ogni anno propone una nuova storia con nuovi protagonisti, senza seguire alcun filo conduttore tra una stagione e l’altra. Quello che rimane invariato, ovviamente, è il concept di base: gialli, crimini, poliziotti e intrighi. Ma se la prima stagione con uno straordinario Matthew McConaughey (ora passato alla produzione) e un mirabile Woody Harrelson, ci ha lasciati senza parole, come dovrà essere questa storia per non deluderci?

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The New Spider-Man


E’ ufficiale, Tom Holland interpreterà il nuovo Spider-Man cinematografico. Il giovane attore darà il volto a Peter Parker nel prossimo reboot del personaggio.

In concomitanza con l’annuncio dell’attore nel ruolo di Spider-Man, è stato ufficialmente confermato che il reboot dell’arrampicamuri sarà diretto da Jon Watts.

Il prossimo reboot di Spider-Man arriverà nelle sale il 28 Luglio 2017.

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Listen to Some of James Horner’s Greatest Movie Music


James Horner had a rare talent for songwriting: his scores not only uplifted the action of the film, but also lingered in viewers’ minds and on their CD players long after the movie had left theaters.

Horner died on Monday at 61 in a plane crash in California. While his fans mourned the composer’s passing, they also recalled his iconic music, including his Academy Award-winning score for Titanic and the nominated scores for Avatar, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Braveheart and Aliens. We’ve rounded up some of his greatest songs to mark the death of a legend.

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