This Honest Entourage Trailer Won’t Keep Anybody From Seeing the Movie


The Entourage movie hits theaters June 3, but maybe if people see the misogyny and racism revealed in this “honest trailer,” they’ll boycott it and stay home to read bell books instead.

Yeah, no, just kidding. Everybody who was planning on seeing it will obviously still go see it. Here’s what this trailer, brought to you by Screen Junkies, has to say about all the main characters from the HBO series:

  • Vince (Adrian Grenier): “A movie star with no talent, no charisma, and by some miracle, no herpes.”
  • E (Kevin Connolly): “The least fun part of every episode.”
  • Turtle (Jerry Ferrara): “Your average Entourage fan.”
  • Drama (Kevin Dillon): “The underappreciated brother of a more famous sibling, kind of like [Matt Dillon’s brother] Kevin Dillon.”
  • Ari (Jeremy Piven): “A sexist, racist, homophobe who is such an awful person, being a talent agent is the fifth-worst thing about him.”



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