Watch Hollywood Blow Up London in the Trailer For London Has Fallen


At this point, the canon of apocalypse cinema is predictable. The audience will witness one of four eschatological events — an alien invasion; a meteor strike; some implausible meteorological event; an epidemic that either kills people or turns them into zombies — that will seemingly only ravage the United States, where Morgan Freeman sits in the White House.

Should these catastrophes strike elsewhere, we witness them in brief scenes that serve only to preview what will soon come to America’s shores. These moments tend overwhelmingly to take place in Asia: recall the destruction of Shanghai in Armageddon, or that bizarre hail storm that manages to literally kill a Tokyo salaryman in The Day After Tomorrow.

London, one of the world’s largest cities, is usually spared. There was Threads, the BBC’s 1984 Cold War morality play about nuclear war, but that’s mostly it. Apparently eyeing this lapse as a…

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